Today’s youth are particularly vulnerable to spiritual challenges. I learned this by pioneering a youth drop-in center in British Columbia and gaining years of ministry experience subsequent to that.

Today, my passion is to partner with youth workers to provide young people with the intellectual and emotional tools they need to deepen their faith and prepare for their future careers. I do this by teaching them how to engage with non-Christian worldviews, heal emotional wounds of shame, fear, and anger, and navigate the complex process of career planning.

If you are interested in forging a partnership with Hope Beyond Reason to help your youth develop resilience in the face of life’s challenges, then don’t delay. Contact me to set up an appointment!


“Today’s generation of youth face unique struggles in mental health, conflicts at home, and increased risk of suicide.The need is great, and that’s why it has been a blessing to have Hope Beyond Reason as a ministry resource.

“Starting in 2014, Thomas has come to speak to our youth on how to break through fear, anger, and shame in their relationships with God and others. His seminars and talks are biblically informed and psychological sound, but most of all, he has modelled hope and authenticity to our youth by opening up about his own struggles and showing that he genuinely cares. I’d highly recommend that you’re church collaborate with Hope Beyond Reason to bring your youth to
a new level of growth.”

Merf Bauman, Youth Pastor, Elora Road Christian Fellowship, Guelph, Ontario