Why The Name?

Sometimes people ask me why I decided to name this ministry Hope Beyond Reason. The simple answer is this. I want honest seekers to understand that hoping for God to exist is quite appropriate even if their reason leaves them short of belief.

This may come as a surprise to some people, but belief is not a requirement for hope! You can properly hope that God exists even if the evidence is too uncertain to warrant belief in him.

To illustrate why this is the case, imagine that a skilled climber is trying to reach the summit of a mountain. Due to inclement weather, the climber seriously doubts that he will make it to the top, and so he considers turning back. On the other hand, the climber knows that his navigational skill and physical training give him equal reason to keep going.

What should the climber do? Can he hope to reach the mountain top even if his beliefs are undecided at that moment? Of course he can! The climber doesn’t need his beliefs to be settled by rational argument before acting on his desire to reach the summit. By moving forward in hope, the climber is not acting against his rational faculties; rather, he is going beyond what his faculties can tell him in that moment by choosing to continue his ascent to the top.

In a similar way, an honest seeker of truth can live in hope that God exists even though his reason is undecided on the matter. This hope is neither wishful thinking nor self-deception. It is a choice to live as if God might be there, and to prepare oneself for the possibility of a future relationship to God – were his existence to become more evident. By moving forward in hope, the honest seeker is not ignoring the arguments on either side of the God question. Rather, he is refusing to let reason hold him captive to indecision.

That’s the insight what I want people to grasp. Whether you are a seeker, skeptic, or a believer – hope is vitally important as you wrestle with your questions about God. And the ministry of Hope Beyond Reason is a safe place for you to do that!