Pastors & Churches

I understand the challenge of helping people who have misconceptions about how the Christian faith should relate to their minds and hearts. Some people view faith as an intellectual puzzle, an emotional experience, or a shield to protect themselves against tough questions. Others mistakenly believe they can grow spiritually without pursuing emotional maturity. Sadly, these misconceptions prevent people from knowing God more fully. The good news is that there is a solution!

The solution came to me during my residency as a Philosophy Instructor at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland. While teaching at L’Abri, I learned that faith must be reasonable and emotionally healthy in order to be transformative. I personally witnessed that transformation in my own life and in the lives of hundreds of my students who came to me asking questions. And that is what I deliver today!

In collaboration with church leadership, I help congregations to ask tough questions and engage with topics such as the existence and nature of God, faith and reason, and how to properly interpret the Bible. I also deliver life-changing content on how to forgive others, manage interpersonal conflict, and improve relationships by overcoming barriers of fear, anger, and shame.

Do these topics interest you? I would love to dialogue with you further and hear about how I can best come alongside and support your ministry by exploring these topics!


“Thomas has a rare gift of explaining big ideas in simple language, and he is an expert at creating an atmosphere of trust and acceptance where questions are always welcome.

“If you are interested in helping a congregation or campus group to grow spiritually by developing their minds, then I would recommend inviting Thomas to speak and teach. You won’t be disappointed.”

David Williams, M.Sc., M.Div.
Pastor, Priory Park Baptist Church, Guelph, Ontario