My Mission

All too often, people have misconceptions of how Christian faith should relate to the life of the mind. Whether we categorize ourselves as seekers, skeptics or believers (or something in between), we can succumb to various pitfalls: we can reduce faith to an intellectual puzzle, dismiss it as a blind leap in the dark, or perhaps even use it to shield ourselves from tough questions. These misconceptions prevent us from seeking and eventually loving God with our minds.

The Need

I believe people need a fresh, biblical explanation of faith that thrives in the marketplace of ideas — an explanation that encourages critical thinking about issues relating to the existence of God, science and religion, philosophy, theology, and hope. I have seen this recurring need in various places: academic environments, Christian communities and in my own life. We all need guidance about how to navigate these issues in a fruitful way – and that is what I am passionate about.

My Passion

With 4+ years of professional teaching experience and a Masters Degree in Philosophy, I know the challenge of equipping people to think about faith. While at Swiss L’Abri as a lecturer and tutor, I was privileged to help hundreds of individuals to navigate some of their most challenging questions. I also learned the importance of creating safe spaces for people to ask honest questions without judgement or pat answers.  My ongoing passion is to inspire others to navigate their questions with humility and confidence. I do this by facilitating well-researched lectures and interactive group discussions that teach university students and church groups how to integrate their faith with learning.

What Participants Can Expect

Participants who attend my lectures and discussions can expect to learn how to interpret multiple sources of information from a faith perspective and develop new attitudes that guide them to truth.  They also learn new ways of coping with doubt, cultivating their minds, and remaining hopeful in their relationship to God.  Lectures are customized to the length that suits the group, typically 50 minutes with discussion interspersed and following the session. I generally recommend that people “come with their thinking caps on!”

What I Have To Offer

My speaking schedule for 2015 offers a range of topic titles. If you are interested in having me facilitate a workshop, speaking event, or lecture/discussion for your students or church group, please contact me here.  I’d be happy to visit your group to speak on a topic that is most relevant to them.

* Picture courtesy of Sean Macleod Photography © 2008

Equipping People to Think about Faith

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