As a leader, do you struggle with burnout, fear of failure, or the feeling that your performance is rarely good enough? Do you shy away from conflict or have a management style that is perceived by others as overly permissive or controlling? These struggles happen to the best of us, but what’s needed is a leadership approach that focuses less on problem-solving and more on emotional health – and that is what I provide.

As a Career Counsellor with professional experience in the private and public sectors, I’m convinced that leaders need to experience a radical transformation in the way they relate to their emotions. While positive thinking and healthy communication are helpful, my approach goes much deeper. I teach leaders how to lean into their emotions and hear what they are saying, so they can be dealt with, instead of avoiding them. In doing so, I equip leaders with the tools they need to overcome the barriers of fear, anger, and shame that are keeping them from success.

When leaders attend my conference talks and workshops, the results are life-changing. They develop greater empathy and acceptance of others, improved conflict resilience, and better tools for self-care and boundaries. And most importantly, they learn how to lead from a place of inner worthiness instead of “never enough.”

If these leadership results interest you, then please contact me so that we can discuss how I can best serve you.


“Thomas has a proven track-record of helping leaders to overcome emotional barriers in life and work. I have invited him to speak on several occasions to gatherings of ministry leaders and business professionals in the city of Guelph, and his training continues to have a transformative impact in my own life.

“Thomas’ teaching style is informed by quality research and is seasoned with practical strategies that really work! Thomas, thank you so much for your openness and authenticity.”

Jim Gordon, Senior Pastor, Elora Road Christian Fellowship, Guelph, Ontario