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Debating an Atheist in a Speedo

The university of Guelph pool is a great place to swim laps and chat with folks in the hot tub. On one occasion, a boisterous young man named John joined us and started chatting up a female student named Dina sitting next to me. Dina shared that she was a Catholic exchange student from Mexico and John responded in no uncertain words that he was an atheist.

“So you’re Catholic?” inquired John.

“Yes,” replied Dina.

“So let me get this straight. You believe that Continue reading Debating an Atheist in a Speedo

Two Objections to Inferring a Personal Cause of the Universe

The Problem

The kalam cosmological argument proceeds in three stages:  first, it provides evidence that the universe had a beginning. Second, it maintains that the universe had a cause and that this cause must have existed in a spaceless, timeless, immaterial state. Third, it gives reasons for why the cause was a personal agent. [The kalam argument also presupposes a “relational” and “A-theory” of time[1]]

In today’s post, I will consider one of the reasons why William Lane Craig (1991) thinks a personal cause is the best explanation for Continue reading Two Objections to Inferring a Personal Cause of the Universe

Does Quantum Physics Undercut the Kalam Argument?

The Objection from Quantum Physics

In a previous post, I argued that the causal premise in the Kalam Cosmological Argument gains support from an Aristotelian understanding of possibility and actuality. We discovered that if the universe began to exist, then it must have been possible for it to begin to exist. Such a possibility is best understood as a potentiality or power residing in an actual thing – namely, a cause.

In today’s post, I’d like to address an objection to the idea that whatever begins to exist has a cause. By far, the most common objection is that Continue reading Does Quantum Physics Undercut the Kalam Argument?

Tackling the Kalam Cosmological Argument


The Kalam cosmological argument is an argument for the existence of God defended most notably by William Lane Craig, research professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology. The argument has its roots in Islamic philosophy and can be stated as follows [1] :


The purpose of this blog post is to focus on the premise (1) by providing a succinct defence of it and then responding to some objections. Continue reading Tackling the Kalam Cosmological Argument

What’s Behind It All? God, Science and the Universe

Here is the video of a debate recently attended at the University of Toronto on the question of cosmic and biological origins.  The three speakers in the debate were Lawrence Krauss (atheism), Stephen Meyer (intelligent design), and Denis Lamoureux (theistic evolution), and there were well over 1000 people (some hostile) in attendance during its filming in Convocation Hall, at Wycliff College. I hope you enjoy it!

On the Importance of Loving Yourself

Essential to emotional resilience is the ability to love myself. This does not mean approving of foolish behavior or overlooking character flaws that need changing. Rather, it means accepting, caring for, and forgiving myself as a person, just as I would treat someone else who has worth, yet isn’t perfect.

4 Practical Ways to Heal Shame

In this video on emotional health, I share four tips for healing feelings of shame.  I expand on these tips at great length in my public training seminars here, which I have delivered in multiple settings, such as conferences, congregations, and campus groups.