Hi, my name is Thomas Rauchenstein and I’m the founder of Hope Beyond Reason – a Canadian speaking ministry that is dedicated to equipping people to think about faith and pursue emotionally healthy spirituality.

I don’t know about you, but I frequently encounter misconceptions about how the Christian faith relates to our minds and emotions. Some people view faith as an intellectual puzzle, an emotional experience, or a shield to protect themselves against tough questions. Others believe they can grow spiritually without pursuing emotional maturity. Sadly, these misconceptions stop people from knowing God more fully. But there is hope.

I believe that people need is a fresh, biblical explanation of faith that is both reasonable and emotionally healthy – and that is what I deliver. With 6+ years of teaching experience and a Masters Degree in Philosophy, I have a proven track record of helping seekers, skeptics, and believers to navigate through their toughest questions about life and faith. As a philosophy instructor at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland, I delivered numerous talks, seminars, and group discussions to hundreds of international students from over 20 countries – creating safe spaces for them to cultivate their minds and hearts without judgement or pat answers.

Today, Hope Beyond Reason is an extension of what I learned at L’Abri about providing honest answers to honest questions. I regularly deliver talks, audio teaching, and blog content to conference gatherings, campus groups, and congregations on a wide range of topics that interest them. These topics include the nature of God, faith and reason, coping with uncertainty, and how to interpret the Bible. I also teach on how to forgive others and improve relationships by overcoming feelings of shame, fear, and anger.

If you are interested in hosting a speaker who is passionate about equipping people to think about faith, or if you would like to learn more through blog posts, videos, and audio teaching, then Hope Beyond Reason is for you. I’d love to dialogue with you further, and learn about how I can be of support to you and your community.






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Equipping People to Think about Faith

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