As a Canadian public speaking organization, the mission of Hope Beyond Reason is to equip people to think about faith and pursue emotionally healthy spirituality.  But why is this mission important?

The Need

All too often, people have misconceptions of how the Christian faith should relate to our minds and hearts. Whether we categorize ourselves as seekers, skeptics or believers (or something in between), we can succumb to various pitfalls: we can reduce faith to an intellectual puzzle, dismiss it as a blind leap in the dark, or perhaps even use it to shield ourselves from tough questions.  Moreover, we can mistakenly assume that we can grow spiritually without also pursuing emotional maturity. Sadly, these pitfalls get in the way of seeking and eventually loving God with our minds and hearts.

The Solution

To overcome these misconceptions, I believe people need a fresh, biblical explanation of faith that thrives in the marketplace of ideas — one that is both reasonable and emotionally healthy. This need calls for critical thinking about how to integrate faith with learning. It also requires that we engage in the deep self-reflection and life-change required to become healthy in one’s emotional and relational life.  I have seen this recurring need in various places: academic environments, Christian communities and in my own life. We all need guidance about how to navigate these issues in a fruitful way – and that is what I am passionate about.

Today, I express this passion by developing partnerships with Pastors & Churches, Youth Workers, Campus Ministers, and Business Leaders to provide quality training for the people they lead. This training addresses the wide range of topics needed to facilitate lasting personal change, topics such as  Emotional HeathWorldviews,  God & ReasonTheological Issues,  and  God & Vocation.

If you want the people you lead to experience lasting transformation in their minds and hearts, then visit my  SPEAKER’S PAGE  to explore the topics I teach on and to contact me about how I can best come alongside and support you. You won’t be disappointed!